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Join us for an exciting session as we explore women’s health, empowerment and a sneak peak into the FemConnect App that allows you to buy contraceptives online – the same way you order food online.

Be part of our #WeGotYouGirl campaign to end period poverty by donating a pack of sanitary pads towards thousands of girls who are forced to use
rags,socks,paper or sand as alternatives to sanitary



Asonele Kotu (FemConnect)
Sam Gqomo
Sam Gqomo (Womandla)
Candice Simone (NubiaNetwork)

Get to know FemConnect the winner of Apps for Africa 2019

FemConnect is redefining access to sexual and reproductive health care through empowerment initiatives, online education, experiences and digital engagement for ease of access. We promote preventative measures to curb the high rates of unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortions and the risks of HIV/AIDS exposure.

Our contraceptive mobile app allows young women to access self-administered contraceptives the same way we order food online to reduce the inconvenience of long waiting times; societal judgement, high costs, diverse contraceptive options for all women irrespective of socioeconomic class; conveniently, discreetly and flexibly.

As part of our inclusive society drive to improve access to sexual and reproductive health, we believe that no “girl-child” should be missing school due to menstruation. Communities can easily donate sanitary products to girls in disadvantaged communities and access online mental health support through the FemConnect.

Convenient, discreet and easy access in 3 simple steps


After downloading the FemConnect app you register your profile FOR FREE! 


Consult/complete an online medical screening questionnaire through our trusted in-house medical expert.  Order for your contraceptive of choice .

We deliver

Pretty self-explanatory right? We will deliver your contraceptives to you. Everyone is happy!

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